Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

Usual exhaustion + nausea. Bad meds night last night, but okay today so far. Mildly brainfucked. Mild slurring of speech. Shortness of breath.

is in New York now. *sigh* So. You will get posts about things other than docorion and kink. I'm just a bit one-track when he's here.

I didn't go to college like normal people; I Had Adventures instead.

(Not that I'm not saying that that's better or worse. I wouldn't be who I am without Vegas, and I wouldn't have had Elayna, certainly, had I gone from high school to college. But college would have been interesting, I'm sure.)

What I did was, I went to night school when Elayna was a toddler. Couple nights a week, while my parents were watching her. And math lab on Saturdays, because I'm math-defective, and Math Is Hard (/barbie) when the toddler is talking right next to you.

I started out studying psychology, but I made a little jog to the side and developed a fascination for sociology.

I'm reminded of this recently, when watching patterns of behavior. Where do people assume the lines are? And why are they wrong?

If I were to go back... school... I'd end up studying neurology, I'm sure.

My reaction to "There is something wrong with your body" is "What? Why? How?" So I've done enough research on epilepsy and related disorders at this point to be dropped seamlessly into a third-year neurology clerkship, docorion says.

Psychology & Sociology + Neurology = me having sort of an anthropological viewpoint of A Normal Person.
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