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Happy birthday to auryn29a and xiuzan!

Happy early birthday to charleseb and sk4p, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers dozerbear, texmorgan, and zsazsanomore!

I have had no time to investigate nifty new people - mea culpa...

Exhaustion + moderate nausea. Demonstrated wordfuckery to docorion last night...

8 Hunks
Starting to smooth out; starting to see twenty or so acceptance comments every time I step back to my e-mail, rather than sixty. Good. More time to spend with my lover.

I haven't been looking at the pics yet - lack of acknowledgement doesn't mean I didn't get 'em! I'll figure out something re: hosting next week, see how will be about be setting up a separate folder for that.

Friday memage:
Snug red polo shirt, jeans. "413: Entity requested is too large" panties, in honor of docorion's visit. :) Happy Bunny "cute but psycho" socks.

Maquisarde, by Louise Marley, which is merely okay so far. It reads a little too much like the "It's A Small World" ride of la resistance, there being the Egyptian girl, the Spanish girl, the French girl, et cetera, all of whom say hello in their own language to remind you... I liked Marley's Terrorists of Irustan, so I was hoping for better, but I'm not halfway through yet, so there's room for improvement.

Probably not much, this weekend. If I happen to have any spare writing time, I'll probably be working on the Kieran/Capri/Telenias thing that's eating my brain.

Note of interest: Telenias calls Kieran "Narsan", after his House. Kieran has told him that he can dispense with formalities and just call him Kieran, but Telenias coolly informed him that he was the guardian of his House, and he would address him as such to keep him mindful of that. Unsurprising, coming from a man who goes solely by his title and never his given name.

Dragging docorion to see The Aristocrats this afternoon. :) Otherwise? Dude. Lots and lots of sex. :) I had some lovely marks yesterday from the whips (singletail and horsehair) and canes(fiberglass and rattan), among other things, but they've mostly faded; must create more and capture photographic evidence. *nods sagely*
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