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The night before (writing promptish)

I've had a scene in my head for days that I haven't had the chance to write down... Kieran, Capri, and the Telenias, the night before the big battle, when something that's been in the air for years gets resolved a bit. (I told docorion why I only say a *bit*; he laughed uproariously and called me evil, which I take as a compliment.)

I find that to be an interesting moment in the story, in these characters' lives. They're standing on the precipice, about to jump.

The night before the biggest fight of your life... what do you do? How do you cope? How do you relieve the pressure?

If you're Donna, you sequester yourself where you were during the Purges, trying not to think about the potential loss of life on the morrow - until you have a surprise visitor.

If you're a certain Kithrayn, you choose this moment to repudiate the Council utterly, having nothing left to lose.

If you're Kirayth, you're out having a Guinness with the guys. (Mostly.)

If you're the Lishaya in whose name this battle will be fought, you're spending the evening going over tactics with, then opening your heart to, the man who has become a surrogate father to you.

If you're Capri and Kieran? What do you think?

I could do a graphic novel just about that one night. Certainly going to do one just about the next day. But it's an interesting exercise for the writers who read me... The Night Before.
Tags: shayara, shayara.battle, writerbrain, writing prompt
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