Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Thor's Day

Hello to new readers amayos, artysmokes, bradwinkle, mastersantiago, punkishanrakist, tinydaisy, trevcub77, uberjay, wurmwyd, and longtime lurker mountainkiss!

(Holy influx, Batman.)

Exhaustion + severe nausea. :( I got down one piece of toast, is all. Adam's home sick, which means I had to drive, which means I just-now took the drugs, which means no morning side-effect report yet. My heart's okay thus far, but it was flipflopping around all yesterday afternoon and evening. Terribly distracting, that.

"Would you mind turning that up?"
My daughter has broad musical tastes. Today, it was Ani DiFranco, 32 Flavors; Elayna drummed along with the ending on her thighs as I drummed on the steering wheel, and we arrived at school blissed out.

The other day? Jill Sobule, "Karen by Night". I don't know that she's grokking the lyrics yet.

My all-time favorite that she likes? Public Image Ltd, "This is Not a Love Song". My baby digs Johnny Rotten. (And the Ramones, actually.)

8 Hunks
Confirming and checking off as fast as I can. Jinkies!

I've created a Gmail account just for pics, so I can keep Hunks stuff separate from everything else; the e-mail address is hanukkah.hunks AT :)

12 Babes
Because I've been asked: No, I'm not going to accept my 12 Babes nomination; sorry, guys. :)

I'm just not comfortable with using my body that way. It feels like posting the kind of pics called for in a forum where, what, thousands of people are watching... it feels like seeking the wrong kind of attention. Wrong for me - I've no problem with anyone else doing it, of course. Blerg & Yuki's pictures last year were gorgeous! But I personally am not comfortable with the feeling that I get that this would be using my body to solicit attention. And that kind of attention is unwanted. That's not the kind of voyeur I want. I want the people who are here for my brainmeats; I don't want anyone here just hoping for me to show my tits. I'm kind of weirded out by the number of readers I have already. docorion gets me okay with that by remining me that it's about the brainmeats.

I don't want it to not be about the brainmeats. To quote Ani, "I am not a pretty girl... that is not what I do."


So! Hi. :)

(EDIT: That said, I do have a cute pic idea that I may choose to post here, for those of you that are already here... I am flattered to be nominated, and may choose to thank you for it.)
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