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8 Hunks of Hannukah FAQ

The most frequently-asked questions, and then I jump on big huge work project; I shall come back to this later.

But I'm not Jewish! Can I still be a Hanukkah Hunk?
Absolutely. We love all hunks, cut and uncut.

Um, I've been nominated, but I'm female. Can I participate?
If you do so in drag? Sure.

Okay. I've accepted. What do I do now?
You get some sexy pictures taken. Rrow. :) And e-mail them to hanukkah.hunks AT :)

Define sexy.
Well. You define sexy.

Robont's 12 Babes contest requests cheesecake pics, so I've requested beefcake. Think the covers of romance novels. Think Playgirl. Show off!

But this is also about fun, so show off at your comfort level. Do we want nudity or near nudity? Dude, that would rock, because you guys are hot. Do we need it? No. Will being fully dressed detract from your votability? Probably not. As long as you look like you're having fun. A genuine smile on a fully-clothed guy may well beat out an uncomfortable expression on a guy wearing only a Santa hat.

There are a lot of guys competing, so here's a major tip for standing out: be yourself. If there's something particularly unusual about you, play that up! Like asim's bellydancing, for example. Do you spin fire? That looks really nifty on film. Send a picture of that. Do you have a cool pet - a snake? a bunny? Send a picture of you with your pet. But if you have a snake and a bunny, don't pose with both. That could end badly.

Okay, I have pics. Who do I send them to?
hanukkah.hunks AT Include your LJ name.

What happens next?
I post everyone's pics on hanukkah_hunks throughout the month of November. Starting December 1, people vote on the pics and pick out the top eight. The top eight will have additional pics posted during the eight nights of Hanukkah, as a special gift to the readers.

What's the timetable on this?
Tentative timetable, subject to change:
Acceptance cutoff: October 7
Picture submission deadline: October 31
Picture posting: November 130 (I have a *lot* of contestants)
Voting: December 1-23
Posting of winners: One a day starting on December 25, the first night of Chanukah

Any other questions?

(I promise non-Hunk content later today. This will not swallow my entire brain.)
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