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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to vurtsnake/TechWolf!

Hello to new readers 0ccam, brun_fid, eugie, fixit, moment_of_me, and planecrashcub!

* Exhaustion + nausea, wordfuckery, little bit of coordination fuckery.
* Chest pain, shortness of breath. Heart was moderately-seriously tumbly last night, but isn't yet this morning.

Places You Haunt
First chapter needs a total rewrite. Which I've known for some time, but now I'm making it a priority.

Fortunately, the other chapters are just fine. :) But the first one - well, if you've been reading placesyouhaunt, you know that the first chapter was a midnight NaNoWriMo scribble from a year before the rest of the story, before I knew where I was going with it. So.

8 Hunks of Hanukkah
Speaking of priorities - a FAQ needs to go up today. Seriously. *laugh*

Next year, I'm incorporating trackback... because I find this interesting in a sociological sense. I can tell when it hit the Boston Poly community, for instance, absolutely to the hour. And when it first hit the bear community - and it's hit the bears hard. envoy pointed out that I could end up with The 8 Bears of Hannukah, which I'm actually okay with, because I find bears adorable... but I honestly think we're going to end up with an interesting mix of face and body types, because everyone has different taste.

I was honestly expecting maybe 20 guys from my friendslist. I was so not expecting this. But it is sense-making. Guys tend to be less self-conscious in some ways, and I think I've made it clear that this is all in good fun; I'd love to see asim, aussie_nyc, vodou_chile (for just a few examples) as naked as they'd like to get, but gag-type photos from guys operating at their own comfort level will be equally fun.

Sorry. Getting all mindmappy. :)

In other 8 Hunks news, I clearly need an 8 Hunks icon. Please?

That exciting question?
docorion said yes. :) So Thursday night, I get to do something I've never ever done before. And. Um. Yes. Whee!
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