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Cardiology Update

Have spoken to the cardiologist's nurse. Have told her about the welts that arise on contact with the electrodes these past few days, and that I am running out of un-welted places on my torso to put the damned things. I left out the part about being near-tears from pain and itch-from-hell frustration last night, because I have a rep to protect.

She confirmed that they have a metric fuckton of results from the heart minotaur already (yes, that's a deliberate misspelling; I got sick of fixing the typo, and have decided to just roll with it), and she's put said results on the doctor's desk. I can leave the heart minotaur off until further notice. Give my skin a chance to heal. If the doctor decides they need more results, I can give it another shot after I heal a bit, or they can see if there's another sort of electrode I can use, with chemically-different adhesive and/or gel.

I did three out of the four weeks. Could be worse.

So. No more minotaur, at least for now. Yay me. Now we just need a firm diagnosis. And for my heart to stop doing the sneakers-in-the-dryer thing.
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