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Belated Blog-A-Thon answer

wispfox asked: "Do any of your characters write porn, even if they never show it to anyone else?"

Those of you who follow the Shayara stuff must know that at least one particular character must...


Capri swung slightly on the doorframe as she returned to the living room, humming - and froze in her tracks. "Um. You're... early."

The Telenias lowered the stack of papers he'd been reading, faint embarrassment actually showing through his cool exterior. "Ah. My apologies for the..." he waved the papers at her, and she winced. He set them down on the coffee table. "Intrusion. I'd assumed, due to its proximity to your history textbook, that that was your homework."

"Ah. No." She danced closer and grabbed the pages away, clutching them to her chest. "Sorry."

"No, truly. I should not have done so." He cleared his throat and looked down. "I assume that your essay on the societal impact of the Industrial Revolution is as... detailed."

"Oh!" She slapped a hand to her mouth, blushing furiously. "Telenias, I forgot, I'm so sorry..."

"Miss Donnelly."


He was half-smiling: "You are aware that your punishment for failing to complete your homework in real life is not as described in... that."
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