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Further notes

* My mood has been lightened by the ride home from school with Elayna. Which we spent singing our favorite hits of the '80s. Difficult to be pissy when singing "Always Something There To Remind Me".

* rosefox has pointed out the unfair girls-only-ness of the 12 Babes of XMas thing. Would anyone be interested if I held a parallel event: 8 Hunks of Hannukah? For balance. And pictures of hot guys.

* I usually spell it Chanukah. But "8 Chunks of Chanukah" looks wrong.

* Adam got press kits for the new Kids WB cartoons! I *heart* having a 'toon columnist in the family. We're going to post pictures of these. They're wacky-lookin'. They sent us a coconut. With a zipper.

* I have a coconut. With a zipper.

* Seriously. 8 Hunks of Hanukkah? aussie_nyc...? EDIT: Okay, aussie_nyc is in. Rock on.
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