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So blergeatkitty said that she was nominated for robont's "12 Babes of XMas" calendarthingie. And she posted the nomination link. So I went over to nominate her again, because I don't know how it works and maybe chicks with the most noms get in? (Read FAQ. No.) And her pics were h0tt last year. Yummy Blerg.

So I nominated Blerg, and I went and looked at the list of nominees to see who else I knew was there.

And I'm there. Two people nominated me.

For a physical thing.

*blink* *blink*

Okay see I could wrap my head around a writing thing. But. Um. People nominated me for a physical-appearance thing?


My brain doesn't know what to do about this.

EDIT: I don't know who to nominate. I know so many hot chicks. (That should be my biggest problem, right?)
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