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Heh. I got my dad all wound up about politics.

Don't think I don't have anti-Bush tirades just because I'm not posting 'em. I'm only not posting 'em because I'm exhausted. Because I feel like if I start posting about all the things Bush has done wrong in handling this, I'll have to post all of them, and I'd be heading straight for carpal tunnel.

So I haven't been getting into the conversations here. Or at work, because of Maintaining a Professional Working Environment. And Adam and docorion and I don't need to, because we're reading all of the same sources.

But Dad. Heh. That was 'bout twenty minutes of "And THEN he said..." and "Stupidity runs deep in that family." "Yeah. At least, at this point, they'll never elect his brother." and "We're FINALLY getting our goddamn press corps back!" until Mom wrestled the phone away from him because he was getting too worked up.

Dad rocks. :)
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