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Bloggers' Benefits for Hurricane Katrina Relief

Now formatted for your pleasure!

I'm going to keep track of these as best I can. Please tell me if I'm missing any, as I am far from omniscient; please also tell me if any of 'em are no longer active.

If you give to any of these people/causes, send me an e-mail receipt and I'll send you my Blogathon incentive story and creator commentary on Blogathon entries. *nod*

* gwynraven is folding a thousand paper cranes. Sponsor her here!

* mgrasso is doing a Blogathon on Sunday. Sponsor him here!

* dustyskinandall is organizing a benefit concert - any interested Atlanta-area musicians, please contact her!

* mister_wolf is doing sketches for hurricane relief, icon size or bigger, starting at $5. Get yours here!

* kythryne is raffling and selling beautiful jewelry. Look over here!

* das_hydra is raffling off lovely scarves here!

* jlundberg is eBaying art over here!

* Throughout September, if you buy "By Request" from CD Baby ( the $11 Jo Morrison (tewok's wife) would normally get for the sale will go straight to the Red Cross.

* This shop of indie artists & crafters is donating all proceeds to hurricane relief.

* manifestress is donating all proceeds from massages she does on Wednesday! She's a certified massage therapist in Atlanta. Contact her at karlita AT!

Donate Supplies
* creentmerveille's daughter is holding a toy drive!

* Want to send care packages? Adopt refugees in St. Landry Parish!

* Send clothes, shoes, toiletries, et cetera, here!

* Donate pet supplies - drop off in Atlanta!

* Donate old video games to kids!

Donate Money
* The Red Cross.

* America's Second Harvest.

* The Humane Society.

* Noah's Wish.


* Do data entry on the Katrina PeopleFinder Project!

* shadbolt75 is donating $1 to the Red Cross for every unique comment on his/her LJ. Comment here, then tell your friendslist! EDIT: Shadbolt's reached his/her limit, but other people are taking up the torch.

* Give blood, if you can.

*decisive nod*
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