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Help Peter S. Beagle!

From kyburg:

Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn, needs your help.

"His mother, Rebecca Beagle (known to her friends as "Rebbie"), is over 100 years old and her medical bills are climbing steadily. Meanwhile the multi-billion dollar English company that controls the rights to the animated version of THE LAST UNICORN has sold more than five hundred thousand videotapes and DVDs of the film during the last year alone, without paying Peter a penny of what they owe him for his rights. If they had paid him even 10 cents per copy, it would have made a huge difference in his life. But they won’t even admit they owe the money — because they don’t think that poor struggling Peter will ever be able to put together the funds to sue them and prove otherwise.

You can change that."

Click here for details!

(Edited link at 6 PM - they changed the page.)
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