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I've noticed, and had brought to my attention, a few trends among my Shayara characters over the years.

* The men tend to have long hair. I've been asked if this is a societal thing. It's not - or if it is, an explanation hasn't surfaced. I just find long hair attractive. :) (Yes, both of my partners have short hair. And lo, I pout. *pout*)

* Dasaroi don't generally smoke. Again, this is probably a me thing. I don't smoke. Most of my friends don't smoke. One of the very few exceptions to this is Lily... and she's a rebellious teenager who's trying very hard to be tough and cool. (example.)

Here are two that I really just thought of last night...

* My characters tend to be only children (Kieran, Kristian, Capri...) or one of two (Halloran, Donna...). This one, I can see a societal reason for. Shayara is a walled city. A smallish walled city. The Dasaroi who live there must be very aware of the looming possibility of overpopulation. So I can see there being a mild taboo against having lots of kids. (Note: the two characters who come from large families - Napalm and Julia - both come from outside Shayara.)

* They don't have pets. And this one perplexes me. I know it isn't a me thing, because I can't live without pets! And Capri, for instance, is the type of person who'd love a kitten. But not a single one of 'em has so much as a goldfish. Why? I don't know. It's got to be something societal. I need to ask myself that. It just hadn't occurred to me before.
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