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Hurricane Katrina stuff

I'll cut-tag this, since you're probably getting inundated with Katrina stuff - and I won't flood your friendspage with same. I'll just edit-to-update this post all day.

If you do want continuing coverage, springdew is monitoring three Katrina-local TV stations and reporting news on her LJ, and katrinacane has aggregated LJs of people riding the storm out in New Orleans itself.

9:47 AM:
My birthmom lives in Slidell. Which, now that I look at maps, is pretty much exactly when the storm made landfall. I have not heard from her yet, and am hoping like hell that her brand of stubborn does not include defying Mother Nature.

Per, the roof of the Superdome - where they're housing 10,000 people - is beginning to collapse.

Per, "A levee in New Orleans has been breached sending 3 to 8 feet of water into the 9th Ward area of the city." And the eyewall is pressing east. Hey, what's east of New Orleans? Slidell! Thanks for playing.

And it's still another two hours before the bulk of the storm hits.

I am quietly freaking out.

10:40 AM:
From "The National Weather Service said there was "total structural failure" in parts of metro New Orleans with wind gusts surpassing 120 mph...CNN's John Zarella said that the wind was howling through the buildings in downtown New Orleans, ripping off off chunks of debris and causing whiteout conditions...He said that water was rushing down the street and had risen up to the wheel wells of parked cars...NHC deputy director Ed Rappaport told CNN that New Orleans could expect a storm surge of 15 to 20 feet...That surge wouldn't top New Orleans' levees, but CNN's Myers noted that "there may be a 20-foot surge, but there may be a 20-foot wave on top of that."

"At 10 a.m. ET, the storm was centered about 30 miles east-southeast of New Orleans and 50 miles west-southwest of Biloxi, Mississippi. Hurricane force winds extended about 125 miles from the storm's center."

7:40 PM:
Breaking news on CNN - a radio report from the 9th ward in New Orleans. The storm surge has hit. Houses are underwater. They filled so fast that one man rescued was barefoot - because the water was flooding his house so quickly that he didn't have time to find his shoes. They're rescuing people from rooftops, people who chopped through the roof with axes to escape.

What about the people who don't have axes?

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