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Writing To-Do List

Questions to answer for Blog-A-Thon sponsors
enderfem, for Fenris/Jessa: "What one memory do you wish you could get rid of?"
jnanacandra, for Julia: "What was the process of learning to control your powers like? And what made you fully accept them as a part of who you were?" (Which is a difficult one to answer, as it's most of Act 2, but I think I can do a scene for it.)
wispfox: "Do any of your characters write porn, even if they never show it to anyone else?" Capri wants to answer this, of course.
wolfieboy: "What is the quiet place in your mind? What is your internal landscape that allows you to feel safe?"

I think that's all the sponsor-questions that came in too late to get answers during the 'thon. Am I missing any?

Blog-A-Thon Incentive Story
I don't know what's going to come out of my brain; since m0usegrrl's offered to illustrate, I'm now thinking that I'll ask her what/who she'd like to draw and write around that.

Shawn story for purchasers of SSCA #6
This, I really gotta get crackin' on. I have the comics to send to y'all now. And I have the story full-formed in my head, and have for years; I've just never written it down. You see it in flashes in SSCA #6 and in issue #5 of the regular series, as it's currently written, but I haven't written it in prose.

Walking on Water
First three chapters. Outline. Now, dammit.

It's difficult to bend my mind to this one, partly because it's nonfiction, partly because it's vivid in memory, partly because it's intimidating, partly because it will out certain parts of me to The World At Large.

Other Stuff
Shayara, Places You Haunt, Ondine, and Maggie's Story. In that order. Are next on the docket after I get this stuff done.

Docket docket docket.

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