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Have finished doing creator commentary on "Blogathon 2005: The Blogathon Strikes Back", which will be sent to all sponsors along with the incentive story. (Yes, last year's was "Blogathon 2004: A New Hope". I may be a dork, but I am a consistent dork.)

Am now working on the second of the three appendices, which is where my brain really starts leaking out my ears - because this is the Cast of Characters, and I'm aware that this is going to be going to some people who have no idea what Shayara is, so I have to make a special effort to be all sense-making. I can't just say "Alanna. You know Alanna. False Lishaya. Next?" Fortunately, I don't have to include all 150+ characters, because I think less than 20 showed up during Blogathon.

Appendix III will be easy - it's the glossary. I can copy and paste from the wiki.

Wiki wiki wiki!

EDIT: Non-Shayara-specific words I have just had to add to spellcheck: Luddite, wiki, psionic, oathbound, girlsex.

Yes, I *do* intend to use "girlsex" again. Yes, I am aware that it is not actually a word. I don't care.
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