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Happy birthday to correspondguy!

Exhaustion + nausea + slight cognitive fuckery. Shortness of breath.

I just realized I never reported on this! The cardiologist visit went well. They fitted me with what's called a King of Hearts monitor - it's iPod-sized and clips on like a beeper, and has only two electrodes. I'm meant to wear it for thirty days, and push a button whenever I have palpitations. It'll record for a minute or so. Then I call it in whenever it fills up. *nod*. Since it's not constantly recording, I can take it off for sex and showers and stuff, so yay. :)

Also had a stress echocardiogram - combination stress test (working out on a treadmill til my heart got up to 160+ bpm, which took forever since I'm actually in good shape besides this and the epilepsy stuff) and heart ultrasound. This ruled out any horrible congenital heart malformations - go me! So whatever's going on is likely not life-threatening and can be fixed with a heart catheter (eep!) or something. The cardio says he wants to avoid putting me on meds if possible, since I'm already on a bunch. I'm with him on that.

Adam: "Do you have any idea how lucky you are that you're with two men who both want to visit Ikea?"

So we all went to Ikea on Saturday. Which I am calling IkeaTown, because really, there are smaller towns, and one could easily live in Ikea. The only thing that saved the lot of us from spending hundreds of dollars was

a) Adam and I would have to pack it all, and
b) Tom would have to ship it all.

Once we move up there, the Boston Ikea is going to get hit hard. Tom wants to redo the first-floor kitchen in Ikea (beowabbit, expect a call from him on that). We found a dining-room table that'll extend to seat 10... 12 if they're really good friends. We looked at each other, eyes gleaming. "We could throw a hella dinner party with this." I found a coffee table with little compartments that can show off collections of stuff. And the thing I want most? This. Which they call a footstool, but which is, for me, a bed. So comfy!

It was discovered that the hotel has a pool. We took full advantage of this. Miss Kid was thrilled. :)

Everything Else
So happy to have him here. *beam*
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