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Friday! DocOrion Day!

Happy birthday to by murnkay! And also to iansha and rialian!

Happy early birthday to pbmath and strangestgirl, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader sitaangel!

Exhaustion + nausea; face tingly. Majorly short of breath. Cardio appointment at 10:15 today, so I'll be offline for a big chunk of the day.

LJ-Kid Update
zarhooie is alive and well in Michigan! Send her cookies.

Melting Pot
felisdemens and I decided that, should the hordes invade (what hordes? any hordes. just smile and look pretty.), the Melting Pot is very defensible. They have boiling oil, heavy-ass cauldrons, sharp pointy sticks, et cetera. It was even determined that, with the contents of our booth and my purse, we could assemble a rudimentary trebuchet.

The most quotable quote of the evening came from Elayna (which is something when you're hanging out with felisdemens): "Look! Ham Jenga!"

A skirt! The end of the world is not nigh; I'm wearing it for docorion. The skirt is chocolate-brown and ivory, with a few sequins. It is calf-length and mildly swirly. With this skirt, I am wearing a square-necked ivory top. And brown leather sandals, the ones I've brought with me all the way from Vegas.

I'm not telling you what panties I'm wearing. Yet. They're a surprise for docorion. *mischievous grin*

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Eighteenth Annual Collection.

Oy gevalt! Like I said, Cardiologist this morning. Depending on when I get out of that, I might be able to go to lunch with felisdemens and mightysemprini. Depending on whether docorion gets an earlier flight, I might be meeting him at the cardio office. Or lunch. Or at home. The only thing certain about today is that I'm picking Miss Kid up at 2:30.

And nothing is certain about this weekend. Well, except that I will be having lots of sex, much of it kinky. Yay! But as for stuff outside the hotel room - a desire to visit Ikea has been expressed by both of my men. I don't know what day we'll do that. I am so stressed out from the constant activity of the last two weeks: I'm just putting my fate in the hands of my men this weekend.

Yay! Got a call from docorion as I was typing. He is getting the early flight. Which puts him as arriving as I enter the cardio office instead of right before I pick Miss Kid up. So NOW the plan is for him to call Adam to see where he should meet me once he gets his luggage, as he is getting on the plane like now.

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