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Happy birthday to terminusvox!

Hello to new reader momlady!

* Exhaustion + nausea + a little cognitive fuckery & tongue-stumbly. Evenings have been *really* bad lately - ever been very drunk? That's what evenings have been like. E-mailing doctor this morning to get permission to lower evening dose.
* Shortness of breath, mild dull chest pain.

First day of school!
Wow. I feel too young to have a fifth-grader! And yet I do; she has set off to rule the school in a cute kicky skort and argyle arm-warmers and all manner of adorable trendy things. *shakes head* Clothing aside, she was *so* excited this morning! Yay Elayna. :)

Random Surprise Kires!
Hey! w00t! Due to airline fuckery, I get a kires today! I am sorry that his trip back from NJ is going un-smoothly, but glad that at least I get to see him.

Way behind. Bear with me.
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