Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to havelyard!

Hello to new reader aman_geld!

Managed to get through registration before being walloped with the bitchslap of brainfuckery, and conceal it in the car by pretending to study all the papers the school shoved in my hands. It's ungood today.

Exhaustion + nausea. Unhelped by the fact that I didn't get much rest yesterday.

Heart flippity-floppity.

Elayna is all officially registered for school! Fifth grade! Top o' the school! Same teacher. Her Gifted teacher left the school, but the teacher who managed Drama Club last year also teaches Gifted and is looking forward to having Elayna in both. Dad was amused that the school nurse recognized her. :) Gardening Club is still a go, and there's actually a Mad Science club! Yes, like her birthday party! 8 weeks... um, $85, I think. The annoying thing is that it's 4-5. Her school lets out at 2:15. Pfft. We'll see what can be done. The other annoying thing is that the girl-scouting table isn't set up yet. Registration starts at 7 AM. We were there at 8. The table was not manned why? *sigh* It wasn't the only unmanned table. But. We have to go back after lunch. Because I want to sign her up for her school troop. I know the troop leader from the after-school program. She's sane.

And we signed up for the PTA - they have an incentive pack this year! It's $3 per parent. But if you pay $13 for the family, you get a bunch of restaurant gift certificates for free kiddie meals! So we did that. The PTA deserves the extra money.

And I let myself get talked into helping out with the Sally Foster fundraiser. Oy!

I filled out the volunteer sheet, checked off stuff I was willing to do, like word processing and helping in the library. And scrawled a note at the bottom to the general effect of "I have a disability that sometimes prevents me from doing things a normal person can do, energywise; I cannot be all peppy and volunteering every day or even three days a week or whatever, but I would like to volunteer when I can, and rest assured that if I say I'm going to do something, it will get done." Paraphrase.

I am JITTERY from the amount of stress I am under. Like, heavily nauseous and jittery from it. Because of my mother. And the cardiology follies.

My mother is the most passive-aggressive person on earth. She is the queen. Aaaaagh. More on that later.

I am in hell.

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