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*bangs head against wall*

Today's medical joy, besides waking up with chest pain:

Really bad memory lapses. Like, the kind I was having at the beginning of my treatment before the meds started to stabilize.

I forgot:

* Our department number
* Our FedEx account code
* The charge code for the accounts payable stuff I was doing

And more. I can't remember what else I forgot.

Completely. Like, grasping at wisps of smoke.

Did I mention that these are numbers I use every day?

I mean, yesterday I was remembering people's old phone numbers from two years ago. That's what I'm accustomed to.

Today, I got nothin'. And I was struggling to remember how to spell "postapocalyptic".

The brain is offline. Like, boom.

So. That is today. *sigh*

It would be much easier to deal with my brainfuckery if it was in any way consistent.
Tags: epilepsy
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