Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Elayna's back!

Elayna says "Hello!"

She's too shy to say anything else. :)

(She says "grr" in response to that.)

(And now she is attempting to give me The Look.)

OmiGOD.... she walked in the door, and I went SQUEE! and hugged her so tight. And dude, she grew almost an inch. Not kidding. Top of her head hits my collarbone now. Wow.

And she is so tan and freckly and blonde. :)

Bizarre things:

* As we were unpacking, I came across a new bra. "Oh, I just bought that. It is so comfortable," she enthused. My daughter. Enthusing. About bras.

* As she was petting Max, I heard her singing to herself, as she is wont to do. The song? "Somebody Told Me", by The Killers. "It's not confidential, I've got potential..." *blink* *blink* She says the chorus makes no sense. I explained androgyny.

* I wasn't entirely surprised that she came home with a DVD of The Pacifier. After all, this is my parents we're dealing with. But it was *full-screen*. I asked her about this, and she sighed. "I *know*. Grandpa likes fullscreen. Grandpa's crazy." When asked about the movie itself, she said, "It's funny," then turned reflective... "It's a quiet movie."


She's sitting next to me dictating half of this to me and correcting typos. "Mommy, are you sure you spelled 'wont' right?" It's cute. She doesn't seem to want to say that I did something wrong.... just that I may wish to dwell upon my words before committing them Just In Case. She's very tactful.

Anyway! Elayna's back! And unpacked, though we haven't hung stuff up yet. And we had lunch. And she got her hair cut. And stuff. Yes. Stuff.

And now we're going to go grab some Mommy/daughter reading time before Grandma, Grandpa and Adam get home. :)
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