Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Elayna Day!

Happy Elayna Day!

Hello to new readers centralasian, crickie, devi77, onelongroad, quamicauzilot, scifirantergirl, spikesandstuds, and zephirknight!

I always get new readers during Blog-A-Thon. Have you people no sense of self-preservation?

Haven't taken my meds yet, because I had to drive; will take them when I get home at noon.

This post is late because I was at the doctor's office! I now clutch a referral to the cardiologist. And my bloodwork results - bad news is, my sodium's utterly normal. Shame, because that would've been all easy and linear. I have been complimented on my l33t holter-monitor-diary sk1llz.

I have to see the cardiologist because the medicine they'd normally put me on to control the PVCs would lower my blood pressure, and I generally run about 100/70. 90/60 today. Not much wiggle room. Plus, now I've got shortness of breath.

I have more agita to put in my Medical Hell post.

Also? Current weight: 89 pounds. The bar was still wobbling, and I was wondering if she was going to push it back to 88, but she took 89, and so will I, because the alternative sucks ass.

I just don't eat stuff that's *gone bad*.
docorion wants me to put protein powders in smoothies. I do not like the idea of eating yogurt. He asked why. I explained that yogurt is milk that's been left out to rot. I have always been told not to eat milk that's gone bad. And yogurt is milk that's gone horribly bad and that things are now living in. I imagine lifting a spoon of rancid yogurt to my mouth and hearing all of the bacteria screaming "Heeeelp meeeee!" Bacteria genocide!

docorion: "Is this what's keeping you from gaining weight? That you're unwilling to kill anything else that you might live?"


But seriously, I don't see a difference between eating yogurt and eating the rancid blue fuzzy meat loaf from last month. How is there a difference?

We raised $1,194, with donations coming in as late as last night! The link is open til Tuesday evening.

*is all proud and stuff*

If I didn't answer your question during Blogathon, I still will. *nod*

Elayna Day!
I get her back at around 2. My babygirl.

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