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Because I'm nonlinear...

...and I know that my characters were jumping all over the timeline...

Here's a roughly-chronological list of the bits, for those with orderly minds.

Janos's scheming - he refers to Alanna as a child, so this is probably at least 20 years before our story begins. I don't get a sense of how old she is here, but she must be under 10.
Jessa falling for Marcus. She's in her early twenties.
Jeramie resting uneasily. He's in his twenties here. This is probably roughly concurrent with the above.
Jessa missing Fenris. Aww, Capri's just a wee thing! This has to be at least ten years ago.
Alanna deciding that Jessa has to die. Last-minute decision, maybe a week before the Purges.
What Capri wants. Just a very few years post-Purges - maybe only two. She's maybe only 15 here.
Napalm setting his bed on fire! Probably concurrent with the above; he's the same age as Capri.
Alanna trying to die - post-Purges.
Kier dancing with Ryan - post-Purges, because he's too much of a kid before.
Ditto Kier discovering fine dining - also because Capri's clearly living in confinement at this point.
Jason's computer idiocy - this is clearly an iMac in my head, which roots this around or after the Purges if the Purges are About Five Years Ago.
Shawn's arrival - as our story begins.
Fenris eating breakfast. As our story's happening, I s'pose. :)
What Julia wants - early Act 2. She's new-ish in the city.
Capri on Hot Girlsex with Julia - Act 2 or 3 of the story. A few years after we begin.
Julia tells Capri she loves her - I'm not sure if this is Act 2 or 3.
Fenris realizing Capri knows he's her birth father - very end of Act 2.
Capri telling Fenris she knows he's her father - maybe a week into Act 3.
Julia's nightmare. Act 3. She's actually dreaming this in the castle.

You're welcome. *nod*
Tags: blogathon, shayara, timelining
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