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Alanna answers laurelian's question

laurelian: "I'd like to ask everyone...what their dreams are, what do they want out of life? What is their biggest hope for the future? Also, what do they fear most? What is it that scares them to death."


House Tamra is strongest in empathy, but is almost as strong in healing. One of the things I did in the Purges was kill the city's healers.

I'm the strongest healer alive, save my little sister. You would think I could do this.

Not healing, but healing turned inside out. You would think I could do this.

Turn the mind inward; find the way to stop the heart.

I cannot do this with pills, with razors, with rope or steel - ever since the first time, he's had me watched. Followed by Hounds. The moment I do anything suspicious, I'm pulled away, bound, and he's summoned...

But this. I have to be able to do this. No sign to the outside.

Find the way to stop the heart.

I may be the strongest empath, strongest healer, save my little sister. But he is the strongest telepath, and he bonded to me long ago.

And I just brushed up against his block in my mind.

I brace myself for his shadow at my door. "Alanna," he'll say gently. "You're not allowed to die."

And I try to still the panic. Because each punishment is worse than the last.


crisavec said "What about Alanna?" in another post.
Me: "What about her?"
Him: "hmm...everything?"
Me: "Yah, but... anything specific on your mind? Because "Everything about Alanna" could top 500 pages! :)"
Him: "Oh, that's all you have so far? ;-)"

So far, yeah... this is bare-bones, a very quick summation of what Alanna's been trying to do since not too long after the Purges. It rose in response to laurelian's question. I was thinking, "Well, a lot of the characters really want the same thing, big-picture-wise. Huh. Not Alanna..."

The little sister mentioned is Katrianna. She doesn't know about Julia yet.

Thanks to slipjig, gandalfgreyhame, and spikesandstuds, we're up to $1,160!

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