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Screw format. There doesn't really have to be a format. I'm not awake yet. I haven't even had my first cup of coffee.

I get my daughter back tomorrow, after two months spent in Florida with her grandparents. And I am vibratey with glee.

In the pictures I posted earlier, she's got her hair in her face. She's been growing out her bangs. In this picture, her hair is braided back in one of those fancy RenFaire crowns. I'm not posting the pic of the back of her head to show the crown, because what, it's hair. But this picture - she has such a beautiful face. Even when she's smiling that "Okay, Mom, enough with the camera" smile.

This is her on line for that pirate catapult assault thing where she bungeed 30 feet into the air.

Unrelated to Elayna, but related to Blog-A-Thon! Didn't realize til I checked out zarhooie's LJ that there were monitors trying to post on my entries... and me with anonymous posting disabled. So! Monitors, or anyone wandering through via the Blog-A-Thon webring, you can e-mail comments to me at shadesong AT Thanks for reading!

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