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A question from enderfem

enderfem asks, "...Kier...what music really moves you?"

Kier wants to be interviewed again. He doesn't seem to want to be approached indirectly. Conscious of the need to manage his PR, maybe?


Gods. That's like "What kind of air do you like to breathe?"

I like to dance.

Strike that - I live to dance.

So what moves me? Anything that gets me moving, and lots of music does. I love the experience of listening to a song and just having it fill me up to the point where I can no longer keep from moving with it...

I live some club-type music, because Ryan likes it. And I like dancing with Ryan - he's one of those tall, slim, nimble guys who move like air, like water, when they dance.

But what really does it for me personally is Celtic music, specifically Celtic rock. I don't know what it is - I'm not like Halloran, it's not a big cultural thing for me. And I didn't have many significant lives in that area. But there's something about a fiddle, a bodhran, that just picks me up and spins me right around.

Yeah. So right now I'm very into Tempest, Ashley MacIsaac, Oysterband, Great Big Sea, Boiled in Lead, Carbon Leaf... stuff like that.


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