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rustymarble's question

rustymarble asks, "Of any character or characters, what's your favorite website? If that doesn't work... how bout favorite place, book, or food."

I don't know why sometimes I get scenes and sometimes I get interview-answers, but Kieran feels like answering you directly. Regarding his favorite place/food, anyway. His favorite website? You can see a bit of a devilish look in his eye, but he must consider his reputation. Well, he already has a bit of a reputation, but - the reputation of an honorable Kithrayn, dear lady.


My favorite place, my favorite food. Ah, my guilty pleasure.

Wildflower Honey.

You must know of it. It's the one restaurant in Shayara that's so ritzy that it won't even give a Kithrayn a discount. They grow all of their food on the premises, so it's all incredibly fresh. Well, the vegetables, of course. The meat they import, but from just outside the city, and the fish is caught from just outside the seawall...

Why is it a guilty pleasure? Well, as Kithrayn, most of my living expenses are tithed to me by members of my House. It's hard for me to mentally justify the expense of fine dining. I don't want to take advantage overmuch. So it's a rarity.

I can't wait to take Capri there...

Favorite food there? Honey ice cream, the honey taken from their own hives. Yum. :)

My favorite place that's not a restaurant? Would have to be the Library. Donna pretty much raised me after my parents died. I live in House Narsan now, have for years - but it's the Library that truly feels like home.


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