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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Question from mgrasso

"Which member of the Shayara cast has the most trouble with computers?"


Jason frowned at the computer. He laboriously clicked the mouse, then clicked it again.

Tessa bit her lip.

Jason did it again.

"Jason - when they say double-click, they mean in rapid succession."

"I am," Jason growled.

Tessa held up her hands in mock surrender - and watched him do it again. "Um - I could -"

He glared up at her, his look softening as he realized he was taking it out on her. "Fine. Okay. Thanks." He pushed his chair back and allowed her through. "I know I'm a Luddite. I just can't get the hang of these things. I know Connor says we need them for Sanctuary business these days, but I just can't get accustomed to them."

She peered at the document he'd been trying to open. "Jason? This is a virus."

"A what?"

"Okay. Um. Never open e-mail from people you don't know. Gods, I'm glad we got you a Mac..."


He's a total Luddite.

Hey, thanks to mgrasso and ckd, we're up to $1,070! :)

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