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Question from wytchchyld

wytchchyld asks: "So. Capri. Tell us how you really feel about sex with Julia. What your favorite parts are, what you'd like to do more of, what you like it when she does ..."

The author glares at wytchchyld and slaps duct tape over Capri's mouth. She quietly instructs Capri to keep it to a PG-13, as the author is freakin' shy, okay, and they're using her hands and her words... and removes the duct tape. Capri grins, arranges herself cross-legged on the bed again in what's becoming her default interviewee position, and ponders - as she knows that too graphic an answer will piss Julia off, too.


My favorite part... I guess...

Julia is so tangly, emotionally. She's so... locked down and guarded. She can be really defensive.

But not with me. And especially not in bed with me.

What I like best is seeing all of that melt away - all the emotional barbed-wire. Seeing, feeling her open to me, and not just physically. Feeling her let go.

She's more her in bed than she is anywhere else. Because she feels safe. She couldn't come with me if she didn't feel safe with me.

And omiGODS, empath sex. WOW. Hee!


Dude, all I had to do was say "hot girlsex"? Thanks to wytchchyld, deyaniera, and people whose names I don't recognize, we're at $1,025!

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