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Format break

I'm fighting the porn.

When I'm writing idly, porn is sometimes what happens. Because hey, I'm chronicling these characters' entire lives, and hey, they have sex sometimes.

Especially Capri. Heh.

So I wrote the Capri-and-Julia mutual-declaration-of-love thing, and even though I wrote stuff after it, my brain keeps bending back to what they'll get up to that night. And my brain says, "Ooooh, hot girlsex! Let's write about the hot girlsex."

And noooooo. Cannot do that here!

But the hot girlsex is happening in my brain. And goodness, Capri's got talented fingers, and LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

(This is about when Kieran pops into the side of my brain with "*ahem* Ah, I actually would like to read about the hot girlsex, thanks." And I say, "No, if they wanted you to see, they'd invite you in. You don't get to see for like, another year." And then I realize that I'm talking to myself, and I go get a cookie.)

So. Yes. Fighting the porn. *brandishes a fist* *hastily puts the fist away, because Julia's not into that, and Capri probably is, but the author referring to herself in third person does not want to write about it, because she herself is not into that, being far too small, and actually Capri's pretty small, too, but so's Julia, so - LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU*

Um. Yes.

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