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Julia answers laurelian's question...

Which was, once again, "I'd like to ask everyone (or perhaps mostly Capri and the other characters of your choice) what their dreams are, what do they want out of life? What is their biggest hope for the future? Also, what do they fear most? What is it that scares them to death."


I already told you. I want to be left alone.

You really want to know?

I don't want to be the Lishaya. I don't want to be responsible for everyone.

Not because I'm lazy. Because I don't want to fuck it up. Because I'm scared of fucking it up.

There you go. There's your biggest-fear answer, too. I'm scared of fucking this Lishaya thing up.

Okay, no.

I'm scared of letting myself love Kieran. I'm scared of allowing myself to do that. To trust him.

I'm scared of outliving him. Every time I love him, I outlive him. And every time, it breaks me.

I'm starting to remember the Fall, you see.

You tell anyone that, I'll kick your ass. Just tell them I'm most scared of fucking up as the Lishaya. It's not like I'm not.


Julia's talking more than I thought she would...

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