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Format break!

I'm breaking format so I can quote from All In My Head by Paula Kamen.

Because I can't shelve the book til I'm done putting the quotes up, and it's driving me crazy having the book sitting on the table when it should be on the shelf.


Regarding all of the freebies doctors get from pharmaceutical companies... and a persoal note here: docorion doesn't take freebies. Not a pen, not a post-it pad, nothing. It has become a firm personal policy of his.

Paula says:

"Gradually, I realized that the problem was not really with them, these salespeople, but with how doctors seemed mindlessly to obey them. Doctors had a choice not to take all their knickknacks, giving the appearance that they were willing to be bought and sold for any shiny new object. They were also obligated to look critically at the drug information they are given and not automatically turn to the newest (most expensive) drugs. They had a duty to take the time to learn about the drugs and get patients safely on and off them, meanwhile considering all the reports of side effects, even those that hadn't made it to the medical journals yet. Taking drugs was a skill for the patient, which had to be nurtured and supervised. Just giving a patient a powerful drug and then turning her or him loose was like teaching someone to drive by just handing over the car keys and a driving manual - and then considering the person high-maintenance who wanted an instructor to ride along."

The first part of the paragraph, I like for docorion; the second, for me. As I feel, obviously, that I'm not getting the personalized care that I need.

docorion has said "There's no such thing as the 70-kilogram patient." The 70-kilogram patient being the typical patient. Sort of like the 160-pound male that seatbelts are tested on. There is no 70-kilogram patient, and yet all drugs are prescribed for the 70-kilogram patient.

How many kilograms does 90 pounds work out to?

I think I feel a manifesto coming on. :)


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