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Question from eyes_of_cyrene

eyes_of_cyrene says: "Fenris, Jessa, Capri, Donna, Kieran, Julia, Napalm, Alanna, Jeramie, and on and on. Any combination of them, and others who pop their heads in, or sweep into the room of your mind.
What is the last thing you think about at night, lying in that half-drowsing state before sleep?"

Jeramie's the first to answer.


I feel him sometimes, just as I'm dropping off to sleep. In the moment that I relax my control of the mind, the body.

Nisar, whose body I have stolen, whose spirit I have desecrated. Mutilated. Hollowed out, burrowed into.

He is nothing but my mask. During the day, at least. But in those half-drowsing moments, I feel him stir - still impotent, still helpless, but there, conscious. Attempting to fight me.

The bastard was incredibly strong, to be so strong still.

But I am skilled in my arts.


Jeramie wasn't born evil.

It's harder this year than last year; Trileptal = teh mindfucker. docorion is upset about this. When I move to Boston, no Trileptal.

So I have not been writing overmuch lately at all, which is a Bad Thing; this Blogathon is good because it forces my brain back there. Doesn't matter if it's Good Enough, if I'm thinking straight enough, if I'm There. Have to do it. I promised.

Foodwise, I had some tuna casserole and half a bagel. (I had the other half for breakfast, with potato latkes.)

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