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Question from boutell: "What does Fenris like most for breakfast?"

There were many perks to being a member of the Kirayth. One got free coffee at Tyka's Cafe, as long as one did not abuse the privilege. One got a discount at the Wicked Sisters Bookshop. Free PO Box at the post office. Free plumbing and mechanic work. Because, let's face it, the Kirayth kept the city safe, for certain values of safe, and the city was grateful.

But as many perks as went to the average Kirayth, there were some things that were too rare in the walled, isolated city of Shayara to be given away to the rank and file - things that went for high prices in the Farmer's Market, when they were available at all.

Such things were given only to the leader of the Kirayth. Only to Fenris.

The eggs were not entirely uncommon. But every so often, Fenris sat down to a breakfast of eggs and bacon, and he knew that that would be a damn good day indeed.


Dude, I don't even eat eggs. *laugh* But yeah. Meat is rare in Shayara, if only because it's unusual to have the room to raise livestock. Eggs, as said, are more common. A chicken coop is easier to manage than a pigpen! Most of what you'll find at the Farmer's Market = veggies, and almost everyone in the city has at least a tomato plant on the balcony or something. Meat is very expensive, as is anything imported.

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