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Question from laurelian

Blogathon sponsor laurelian says: "I'd like to ask everyone (or perhaps mostly Capri and the other characters of your choice) what their dreams are, what do they want out of life? What is their biggest hope for the future? Also, what do they fear most? What is it that scares them to death."

Of all of my characters, Capri is the most forthcoming; sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get Fenris or Julia to let me in, but Capri is always very open. I think that's due in part to how isolated she is. New readers: Capri is my Rapunzel, hidden in the Tower from the Council. She only ever sees the Kirayth (the city's police force) and a few others. Until just before the battle mentioned in my first Blogathon post, that is. So she's always very eager for the company.

Anyway, you asked Capri. And she's sitting on her bed cross-legged and wants you to sit opposite her, and she's happy to answer. (Note: It seems that this is before she meets Julia. She feels like she's in her late teens here.)


What do I want? Well, the easy answer is that I want what my mom wanted, what we all want. I want the city to be free of the Council. I want the true Lishaya here - because Alanna can't be the true Lishaya. No true ruler could do the things she's done. Yes, maybe I'm naive, but I really believe that. I believe in the inherent nobility, the inherent goodness, of the true Lishaya.

That's what I want for the city. What do I want for me? Ooooh. Well. I want Halloran. I know, I know, I always say that. But it isn't just a crush. It's a soulbond. And I want a chance to show him... how very much we can be, I guess.

He is... amazing. You have no idea. And I don't just think that because he saved me.

So, my biggest hope for the future, I guess, is that the real Lishaya comes home, and we kick out the Council, and Halloran stops being stubborn and lets me in. And... I want to have kids, too. A boy and a girl. Maybe more than two. But I'd start with two.

My biggest fear? Gods. Well... everyone I love... Halloran and Kieran because they're the heads of their Houses, Fenris and the Kirayth because, well, they're Kirayth... they're all targets. Every day, they're targets. And I'm safe up here in the Tower, but... no one I love is ever, ever safe. They have a big target on their back even when they're just walking to the bookstore.

So my biggest fear, what scares me to death? Another Purge. Losing more people I love. Losing my Halloran. Losing Fenris - my godfather. Losing Kier. And I wouldn't be able to protect them. I'd be trapped up here safe and couldn't help them.

That's what scares me.

We need to find the real Lishaya. We can't let that happen again.


I picture her pulling up her knees and wrapping her arms around them at the end.

Still brainfucked from meds, but less so. The Alanna bit's the one I touched most so far, I think.

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