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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Napalm: When did you know you had superpowers?

He lay in bed, sweating. "Dude, Mom, I'm serious. I can't go to school today."

His mother peered in from the doorway. "What is it this time?" she asked sarcastically. "Ebola?"

"I gotta fever. Seriously."

"Your temperature came out perfectly normal, Aisling."

He closed his eyes. The bitch of it was, it had. 98.3, even. But he was burning up. He could feel heat shimmering off his body. "Mom, seriously. Please?"

She reluctantly left for work, convinced that he was faking. Well, he'd faked before, but this time? Dude.

Heat-shimmer before his eyes.

And around his arms.


He watched, fascinated, as... something... seemed to move down his arms. Down his hands. Toward the sheets.


He yelped as he jumped out of bed, yanking his newly-flaming sheets off with him and stomping on them. "Holy shit holy shit holy shit..." And as he examined the sheets to make sure they were out, he noticed something.

He wasn't warm anymore.

Slowly, he grinned.



I could've done this better - this is one of those "Aagh, I have been goofing off upstairs and it's 5 minutes til posting time!" posts. Sorry. And I see it more in comics form than prose form.

This wasn't the way I imagined him finding out; I adn't thought he'd feel sick. Hm. Hm, I say.

*waves to docorion, who is reading from a fetish event!*

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Tags: blogathon, shayara, shayara.napalm
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