Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Alanna: When did you realize that Jessamyn had to be killed?

She has raised my House against me.

House Bartomn is bad enough - they would need to be taken care of, in the long run, but I could ignore them if I liked. I'm strong enough.

But that bitch has declared herself the Kithraya of House Tamra.

That's what I say to the Council. Those are the words I mouth. And heads nod, and sabers rattle. The Council has been eager for bloodshed for years. They've wanted to see what the Hounds can do when they're truly loosed.

But it doesn't matter, not at the core of it, does it? Because she's right. Because I'm not the Lishaya. Not that she knows that. Not that any of them do, or ever will.

So it's not because she's declared herself Kithraya of House Tamra, not really. That's politics. That's Janos's game, and Olivia's, and Jeramie's.


Jessamyn has to die because of this:

When we said her name, I caught a flicker from Jeramie's mind...

He has feelings for her.

For that traitorous bitch. He wants her - and worse, he cares for her. He's trying to get safe passage for her. He's trying to just get her husband killed, keep her alive - keep her alive for him.

He thinks I don't know.


I've changed the orders.

Her death will not be clean.

And he will know that I did it.

I may be his - but he is mine, and will have no other loves before me.


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