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Friday. Yeah. Oops.

I forgot to do my Friday thing! I'm so off. This should show you how off I am.

Thin, snug red polo shirt (t-shirt material) with cherries on the left upper breast - jeans - spider monkey panties - sushi socks.

Still All In My Head by Paula Kamen. Almost done. It's been sort of uneven. Found more good stuff, though, which I'll be excerpting here later today.

After that? Cowl, which I dropped to read All In My Head.

Well. Duh. Blog-A-Thon. :) Nothing tonight, though, save going to bed early. Sunday will be devoted to whipping the house into shape much as I can, because I get my kid back on Monday!

Addendum: It was so awesome to see deyaniera and meet voldsom last night. Yay. :) I've so missed Deya. :)

See? I missed all that in my morning post! This is how tired I am. Oy.
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