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Blog-A-Thon tomorrow!

Yay! Thanks to dr_nebula, moocowrich, shellefly, aurora_lamour, fearthainnlent, jaxia, happypete, vulpine137, enderfem, illman, and people whose real-life names I don't know, we're up to $658!

If you didn't get paid last Friday, and you didn't get paid Monday, you probably got paid today. So pay your bills, then

Click here to sponsor me for Blog-A-Thon 2005!

You know you want to. It's good for you. It's for charity. You like charity.

And it's in memory of a fellow LJer. tx_db8r would have been 21 last week, had she not died due to complications from MS earlier this year. Proceeds from this Blog-A-Thon go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Tomorrow morning, baby. 9 AM. Twelve hours of me posting storybits every half hour (give me character questions and/or prompts!), then twelve hours of zarhooie posting (yay zarhooie for taking up the baton)!

Looking for more people to sponsor? Check out catvalente, halogirl66, upstart_crow, and kimeepower. (Am I missing anyone? Let me know!)

Blog-A-Thon! Yay!

EDIT: We wouldn't mind having another teammate for the wee hours! zarhooie ought to get some rest, too. Anyone want to split the time with her?

ALSO EDIT: You guys can pledge now and pay later. Pledging is a promise to pay - you don't have to pay right now.
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