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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
722 / 3,000

Okay, it's a beentsy amount, but you have no idea how tired my brain is right now.... and that includes the rough structure being there to be fleshed out, and a few of the bits being complete.

(And it can be as many as 6,000 words, but I tend to be bare-bones. We'll see. Those of you who use these for stories - how do you decide how long you want the stories to be? Mine just end up being as long as they end up being. I don't know in advance.)

What is it? You'll see. It's brand new.

And I feel okay with not doing more right now, because everything else is interconnected, and I'll need more that half of my functionality for it. So. I get to nap now. And I'll do more later.

Seriously. Brain? So tired.
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