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Elayna stuff

As mentioned by Adam, we talked to Elayna last night. :) I called just to ask if she wanted to see Sky High, as Adam and I would like to see it and won't wait for her if she doesn't want to. Turns out she already has, but she'd love to see it again.

And that turned into an hourlong conversation. With the kid who used to begrudge two minutes on the phone.

She's been really good this year. And it seems like my parents have been good as well - not parking her in front of the TV all day, et cetera. They have taken my threats to heart! But yes - she's been doing lots of reading, she's done at least a few math worksheets, she practices her flute every day (though she doesn't really require nudging to do that)...

Tangent: People have wondered why, given my relationship with my mother and how badly she fucked up with me, I send my daughter down there. It's because her relationship with them is separate from mine. Mom's learned. She's a better grandmother than she was a mother, mostly because she's now aware of how she fucked up with me. Whether she'll admit some of it out loud or not. And I'm unwilling to destroy my daughter's relationship with her grandparents when they have not fucked up with her, and are actively trying to do right by her. It's a separate relationship.


They bought her a Gameboy Advance. Because she was good. And...

...because the screen on her Gameboy Color doesn't light up.

Yeah. The screen doesn't light up, so she couldn't play it in the car after sunset, and she wasn't a brat, so oh! here's a $70 new toy to replace your perfectly good toy instead of buying a $5 clip-on light.

*closes eyes, winces*

These are my parents.

She isn't a spoiled child, though. Because she knows that different people have different amounts of money - that Mom & Adam can't afford to drop $70 on a toy, but will gladly put it on her wishlist so someone will get it for her eventually, and she does not whine or complain about that.

Tangent: I was reading "Real Simple" the other month. Money-saving tips. And one reader's tip was that she gave herself a strict allowance of $75 a week. *blink* *blink* Um.


It was good to talk to her; she's near the end of Harry Potter and will read Eragon next. And she's looking forward to coming come. And I miss her like crazy. And I'm done rambling now.
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