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I'm impatient as hell. Want to get out of work so I can write.

Just dicking around yesterday, I was thinking up questions to ask my Shayara characters for Blog-A-Thon, and I thought, "Well, the old standard is 'What do you want?'..."

Which unleashed one hell of a rant from Julia. In Kieran's direction, of course. And, when Capri tried to step in to defuse the situation... led to Julia sort of accidentally telling Capri she loved her for the first time.

Which is now leading in my head to an Important Conversation between the two of them that I want to write Right Now, dammit...

Julia's relationship with Capri is very tangly; Julia's relationships are very scary for her to form, period. She may be the most powerful girl in the world, but trust is not her strong suit. Capri has called her her feral kitten. Act 2 is just as much about Julia learning to trust and learning to open her heart and mind as it is about planning to overthrow Alanna and the Council. Fenris isn't sold on this kid for a while...
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