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Right, then.

I'm doing it.

Click here to sponsor me for Blog-A-Thon 2005.

This is a partial, since I can't stay up all night. As of now, I don't know if I'll prewrite bits for after my bedtime and have a late-night person post them or just leave off, or just have someone else post, or what... I can't call it an official full Blog-A-Thon, though, because I'm not staying up for 24 hours straight.

I emphasize that my health is the only reason I'm not staying up 24 hours straight.

Last year, I wrote flash fiction based on one-word prompts from the viewing audience. This year, my characters will be answering questions, one character per post. Characters may repeat - I don't always know who's going to want to talk. If you donate, you can ask a specific question of a specific character. If you don't, you take what you get.

This Blog-A-Thon is in memory of tx_db8r, who passed away in March. All proceeds will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Please click here. I'd really appreciate it.

Blog-A-Thon is next Saturday. August 6.

Please to be pimping this.

Thank you. *nod*
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