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Heart of the 'song

So about those palpitations I mentioned in my morning post... like I said, it's generally a WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM for less than a minute, then feeling weak for a few minutes afterward, few times a day.

This morning, I felt weak for... um... a few hours afterward. Weak and heart-racy enough to consider an ER trip, but just borderline enough that I went to the regular doctor instead of the ER. (I hate wasting time (mine and the ER doc's) and resources (the ER doc's) if it may not be necessary.)

I got my very first EKG. Followed by my very first referral to Cardiology for a heart monitor. I don't have it yet - Cardiology needs time to process the referral. I'm to call them at noon tomorrow to schedule this if they don't call me first.

Also got bloodwork done. Note of interest: things the doctor listed as potentially impacting my heart in this manner included potassium, magnesium, sodium...

Me: "High sodium or low sodium?"
Doc: "Most likely low sodium."

Trileptal works along the sodium channels of the brain. Depleting sodium in small-to-large amounts as it goes. And, me being me, I'm more inclined to believe that something new and unpleasant with my body is a result of the chemicals being loaded into me than I am to believe that it's something that's evolved independently. But I am not a doctor. We'll see what the bloodwork shows.

Anyway. Heart monitor! There's something new and different.

EDIT: Oh, and in "I have no weight and I must scream" news, you know that weight I managed to gain? Yep. Lost it. Back down to 90 pounds even. Least I'm not below 90 again. Yet.
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