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I have always resented Marcus. Jessa's husband. Capri's father.

(I don't know how to qualify that. Father in all but blood? That seems to discount the fact that Fenris acts as Capri's father just as much after Marcus's death as Marcus did in life; Fenris was more distant when Marcus was alive only because it hurt to watch another man with Jessa, watch another man raising the child he sired. Capri had two fathers, truly, which is why she'll name her eventual son for both of them; she just didn't have them simultaneously.)

Why have I resented him? Because I love Fenris. And because I love Fenris-and-Jessa. And I have at times wanted to slap Jessa - "Who is this guy? How could you choose him over Fenris? Your best friend, your first and true love?"

But it *wasn't* her choice, really - she would never have left Fenris. It was Fenris who left, unable to share her. And had it not been Marcus, it would have been someone else. Fenris couldn't bear it.

So who is Marcus?

Yesterday I started to find out. That writing prompt triggered it in my head: The moment when Jessa first wanted to kiss Marcus.

Very much an uh-oh moment. *laugh*

He's not like Fenris. He's more like one of us, really. In my head, Jessa looked at him, and suddenly I got to know him and understand.

She fell in love. It happens.
Tags: shayara, shayara.capri, shayara.fenris, shayara.jessamyn, shayara.marcus, writerbrain
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