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Tew's Day

Exhaustion + nausea. Tingliness.

dark_blade is still at it, and closing in on the finish line! Go pledge!

Went over a chunk of Walking on Water notes with docorion yesterday. You know what's scary? The thought of my family reading this...

Once I get settled in Boston and m0usegrrl gets settled in the new job you should all send her energy to get and is drawing again, I'll be self-publishing Shayara*. In TPB format rather than in issues. And I'd also like to see about publishing some of my friends' comics, if I can manage it. My organizational skillz are l337 - I just need the time to manage them.

docorion: "The Shadesong Publishing Empire!"
Me: "I'm not going to publish *that* many comics..."
docorion: "The Shadesong Publishing Duchy, then."
Me, singing, "Pass the dutchie 'pon the left hand side..."
docorion, staring: "You did *not* have to go there."
Me: "Yes. Yes, I did."

We have decided that the theme-phrase for this visit is "And then I beat her, Your Honor."

* Self-publishing comics
= totally unlike self-publishing books; many more comics are self-published, percentagewise, there's zero stigma, and all it really means is that you don't have to participate in Infinite House of Crisis crossovers. I wouldn't mind being with Image, but I feel they're too diffuse these days and don't pay enough attention to the individual titles. Oni seems to be in its death throes, really. Dark Horse is a maybe. But I'm a control freak. I want to be able to just deal with everything myself so I know it's all being done the way I want. Call me a diva. :) I just don't like it when these things are out of my hands.

Last Day
This is the last day of docorion's visit. I know when he's going to be here again, which helps a little, but... *sigh*

I hate it when he leaves.

Gods, it feels like naptime.
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