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Hello to new reader aerianne!

Happy birthday to lyssrose, melvh, and storme!

Um. I feel like shit today. Exhaustion + *severe* nausea + headache + some minor coordination issues and brainfuckery already. Not enough sleep last night.

Have not read my friendslist in like ever. Let me know if I'm missing something you need me to know about!

satia's daughter has a webcomic now! Click here.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: I liked it! I liked it that they drew more from the book, and of the updates, I particularly enjoyed that of Mike Teavee... aggro much? I agree with 'most everyone that giving Willy Wonka a father was 100% unnecessary, though, but it wouldn't be a Burton film without father issues... interesting choice to essentially play Wonka as severely autistic, too.

The Island: I can't remember who said that this scans as two movies stitched together, but I agree, and I prefer the first movie. Read: the first half of the movie. Read: before it became A Michael Bay Movie.

docorion and I discussed what we'd've done with the movie, had we been in charge... I think there's a lot of interesting material there, a lot of potential, but it was either ignored or outright shied away from in order to Go Boom. Which is expected. Because, y'know, Michael Bay. But the first half of the movie was better than expected, and showed that if he can get over his blowing-shit-up fetish, he can actually deliver a story...

High Praise
docorion says that I remind him more of Cordelia Vorkosigan every day.

Yay. :)
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