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Thor's Day

How appropriate is it that mightywombat's birthday is on Thor's Day? :) *hug* Happy birthday, hon. And I need your new address. :)

Hello to new - um - readerbot? - atl_pimpbot.

Bit of a lingering headache. but no light sensitivity.

Exhaustion + nausea. EDIT: Bad brain day.

Blog-A-Thon is off this year, on account of only having three donors. *sigh* We'd love to do it. But Blog-A-Thon is really freakin' arduous, y'all, and three people... that does not balance the physical wear and tear on catvalente.

Those three donors will get something from both catvalente and I. But we're disappointed.

We acknowledge that this is probably in part due to the complete and total lack of organization on the part of and Project Blog this year. Which is why, with the assistance of scathedobsidian, we are creating our own damn site for this for next year and beyond. Let us know if you want to help. I believe we especially need a web guru at this time.

I have heard from my editor! We're meeting for lunch tomorrow! If you ordered a copy of Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6, make sure your name is on this list! (Apologies for the delay; he says life has been crazy, and I believe him, poor guy.)

Weblog Ethics
Remember the study that was sweeping the nation in May? No, before the MIT one. The results are up.
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